TBM in Action

Successful technology leaders use TBM standards to drive productivity, invest more in valuedriving services and innovate at a faster pace. Top drivers are:

Application Rationalization

  • Link application TCO to application usage and its business value
  • Provide solid business cases to get business buy-in for rationalization cases
  • Track and demonstrate benefits realized in an understandable way

Value Chain Optimization
  • Provide IT value chain transparency from applications to infrastructure and across run and build
  • Set IT services into their business context and the business value delivered
  • Realize efficiencies by managing and adjusting qualities and capacities

Demand Engineering
  • Apply our driver-based framework to manage your IT demand
  • Demonstrate the impact of demand options on complexity and costs added
  • Make informed demand decisions together with your business peers

Project Portfolio Streamlining
  • Free up run costs to fund innovation and support growth
  • Assess your projects with respect to regulatory needs, business value and strategy alignment
  • Demonstrate portfolio value and its future impact on your run costs

Multi-Provider Management
  • Understand your supplier prices compared to the market
  • Create transparency on service performance, consumption, costs and your supplier invoices
  • (Re-) Negotiate your contracts based on fact-based insights

Top Topics of our Clients

  • How to benchmark application TCO against the market
  • How to benefit from new „pay-per-use“ cloud services
  • Am I investing too much, just enough or not enough?
  • How to assess the impact of regulations on your budgets
  • How to ensure that demand reductions have a real impact on your cost base
  • Where can I reduce IT cost without jeopardizing service levels?

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Implement Apptio to automate and facilitate TBM with built-in best practices and accelerators.

  • A suite of cloud-based applications
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Run your IT like a enterprise – client-centric, value-driven, service-oriented and with commercial acumen.

  • Understand and manage the value, quality and cost of IT
  • Based on global TBM industry standards
  • Developed and advanced by visionary CIOs and over 1000 experts

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