About us

Who we are
We are the first European consultancy focusing purely on Technology Business Management (TBM): an innovative discipline that provides global industry standards developed and applied by visionary CIOs to manage IT like a business – client-centric, value-driven, service-based and with commercial acumen.

Advising international corporations across various industries, we established a unique track-record that dates back to 2009, when we designed and implemented the first TBM solution in Europe. Since then, we have successfully applied TBM and accompanied many clients on their individual journeys. Please refer to www.tbmcouncil.org for further information on TBM and our network of industry partners.

Where we are coming from

  • We have in-depth experience as partners and consultants with large international consulting firms
  • We have successfully delivered transformation projects for CFOs and CIOs, mainly in Financial Services, Telco and IT industries
  • We have followed the TBM movement from the beginning and founded ELLIX to support innovative companies on their journey

What motivates us
  • A passion for TBM – being able to shape the future of IT
  • Challenging projects and successful client experiences
  • A lean way of making business with little administrational effort and no politics

How we work
  • We deliver solutions from conceptual design to implementations
  • We work in small teams hand-in-hand, at par with our clients and focus on skill and knowledge transfer from day one
  • We bring the „best-team-on-the-job“ – effective and cost-efficient

ELLIX Management Team

  • Left: Philipp Baumeister, Master in Economics, Bachelor in Computer Science, Konstanz University
  • Middle: Stephanie Werren, Master in Mathematics, ETH Zurich
  • Right: Thomas Deuser, Master in Business Administration, Ingolstadt University
  • Not in this picture: Marc Hesse, Master in Business Administration, Bamberg University


  • +41 79 249 2508
ELLIX Aktiengesellschaft
Ruessenstrasse 18
Postfach 1556
6341 Baar

c/o Impact Hub Munich
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